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Herunder kan du danne dig et godt billede af Anthem. Læs hvad anmelderne mener om Anthems produkter og søge inspiration til at vælge det netop det produkt, der vil give dig allermest glæde. 

Anthem STR integreret

January 06, 2020

"It delivers a very clean sound. Its power level is particularly rare and this power is expressed with superb mastery. You can push the volume very hard without fear of strident in the treble and the low register shines as much by its density, its firmness, as by its great flexibility and readability."

Anthem STR integreret forstærker

December 25, 2019

"you hear great resolution, you look at a huge stage, you are aware that it pulls details out of the record, sovereignly holds the dynamic range and is not scattered to the extremes and most importantly, you can listen to it for hours without effort."

Anthem STR forforstærker

January 01, 2020

"For me, using Anthem’s STR Preamplifier to digitize the analog output of my modest record player, and then to apply ARC Genesis, is a no-brainer -- it improves the bass response of my system and room. I heard only benefits, no shortcomings."

Anthem STR for- og effektforstærker

February 26, 2019

PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2019 "The Anthem STR preamplifier and amplifier are every bit the statement 2-channel products that they are billed as. Individually, they are some of the very best sounding examples of their respective categories. Together, they comprise as seamless and powerful a playback chain as you are likely to find." – Carlo Lo Raso

Anthem STR for- og effektforstærker

November 11, 2019

PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2019 - 2020 Editors Choice Awards "Normally, I have a hard time listening to recordings for a period of time after enjoying the live experience, maybe for a day or so. Yes, it’s probably setting an unnecessarily high bar but I guess I’m looking for the sort of emotional connection I get from flesh-and-blood musicians in an acoustically favorable venue when I sit down in front of my audio system. I got more than a little of that when listening to canned music with Anthem’s STR electronics—it seemed that I wasn’t nearly as refractory to the appeal of my favorite recordings. That’s a distinction, for sure." – Andy Quint

Anthem STR intergreret forstærker

"In purely sonic terms, the STR Integrated is an adept, powerful and composed amplifier with a penchant for pace and passion. It’s not intimidated by large-scale productions, and delivers its sonic wares with an energetic enthusiasm that makes the music come alive." – Deon Schoeman 

Anthem STR for- og effektforstærker

October 15, 2019

"When combined, the STR components present the music with such impact, drive, and unbridled live-music-like enthusiasm that it is impossible to not be moved by it." – Christiaan Punter

Anthe STR integreret forstærker

June 25, 2018

PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2018, EDITORS CHOICE, CLASS A WINNER "Most well-designed integrated amplifiers on today’s market go about their jobs as such products always have, without altering a system’s response in any significant way. That’s fine, and one of them might be just right for your system and room. But despite the current popularity of analog, particularly vinyl, there are things that can be done with digital processing, particularly when performed at high enough bit and sampling rates to satisfy the never-CDers, that we’ve never been able to accomplish in the analog domain. In that regard, the Anthem STR is a watershed product worth serious consideration. Highly recommended." – Tom Norton 

Anthem STR integreret forstærker

November 14, 2018

TOP PICK OF THE YEAR "Anthem’s STR Integrated amplifier brings the benefits of the company’s excellent ARC room correction processing to a stereo-only component. And not just any stereo-only component, but a powerful, feature-packed unit with a 200 watts-per-channel amp, a DSD-compatible DAC, and separate moving magnet and moving coil phono inputs." – Al Griffin

Anthem STR for- og effektforstærker

November 06, 2018

PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2019 "The STR preamp is perhaps one of the most flexible and diverse two-channel preamplifiers I've ever seen.  It offers state-of-the-art performance in every mode of operation handling analog and digital sources with equal ease. The connection options the STR preamp offers are virtually limitless and the home theater bypass mode is a Godsend for those wanting to merge home theater and two-channel systems together in perfect harmony.  The STR amplifier puts forth impressive power figures for an amplifier in such a reasonably sized package that is refreshingly manageable to transport. The system works seamlessly together to reproduce music with fidelity at the very highest level, especially if care is taken to set up ARC properly." – Gene DellaSala

Anthem STR integreret forstærker

May 31, 2018

PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2018 "I have been blessed to review a lot of really cool amps recently and I would consider the Anthem STR some of the best Class AB amplification that I’ve gotten my hands on in terms of overall performance regardless of MSRP. When you factor in the price, you see how Anthem has disrupted the market yet again with a product that doesn’t just ask for consideration--it demands that you audition it." – Roger Kanno

Anthem STR Integreret forstærker

September 30, 2018

TONE PRODUCT OF THE YEAT 2018 "If you want an integrated amplifier that delivers major audiophile performance, sounds great, and offers major flexibility, this is the one you want. Designed and built in Canada, Anthem components have a long reputation for being rock solid, so if you do all the firmware updates, you just might be handing this one down to your kids. – Jeff Dorgay

Anthem STR forforstærker

December 16, 2018

BEST OF 2018 ARARDS "Simply put, it’s one of the best sounding two-channel preamplifiers I’ve ever heard. Beyond switching your audio inputs and controlling your audio system’s volume, it includes an absolutely top-notch DAC, a nifty phono stage, and one of our most favorite room correction solutions all in one sexy-ass component. Feature wise, it pushes the limits of what you can expect to find in the stereo preamp category." – Myron Ho

Anthem STR effektforstærker

December 18, 2018

BEST OF 2019 AWARDS "I have been blessed to review a lot of really cool amps recently and I would consider the Anthem STR some of the best Class AB amplification that I’ve gotten my hands on in terms of overall performance regardless of MSRP. When you factor in the price, you see how Anthem has disrupted the market yet again with a product that doesn’t just ask for consideration--it demands that you audition it." – Myron Ho

Anthem STR for- og effektforstærker

June 30, 2018

"With the STR pre-amp and power amp, Anthem has successfully migrated its innovation, digital signal processing expertise, room correction know-how and commitment to quality into the notoriously difficult high-end stereo environment. The pre-amp’s versatility and the power amp’s tremendous reserves make for a satisfying partnership, while also delivering as far as musical accessibility and engagement are concerned." – Deon Schoeman

Anthem STR effektforstærker

March 23, 2018

"It is also noteworthy to mention how this amplifier looked after dynamics in music that on other amplifiers could come across as if somewhat restricted. The Anthem often recreated the same music with more bounce and greater contrasts between soft and loud. It produced the music with enough drama to keep its audience entertained throughout and this was especially true for my electrostatics, the likes of which can be hard to please." – Leander van Rooyen

Anthem MRX 1120

October 18, 2019

Digital Trends Best A/V receiver For 2019 "Why you should buy this: It offers fantastic sound and every feature you could want. Who it’s for: Anyone who places a premium on top-notch sound." - Ryan Waniata and Quentyn Kennemer 

Anthem AVM 60

December 04, 2017

BEST OF 2017 AWARDS "The Anthem AVM 60 has all the technology necessary to support a modern home theater system. It can function as a leading-edge 11.2 channel processor supporting Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. It is capable of HDMI video pass-through and handles the latest 4K UltraHD Blu-ray content including Dolby Vision. It features an updated Anthem Room Correction system, and with ARC Mobile, it is now easier to use than ever. Of course the best thing is that the AVM 60 sounds amazing for both movies and music." — Robert Kozel

Anthem MRX 520

October 25, 2017

[Oversat fra Fransk] "The sound envelope is ample, detailed and full of strength, as in pure stereo the amp never collapses in the face of monstrous sound peaks. The Anthem MRX-520 also supports Ultra HD 4K HDR video, resizing Full HD signals to take them to higher resolution. The result is satisfactory but some TVs or players do even better. This Anthem MRX-520 offers a beautiful musical and multichannel experience, it has temperament and elegantly combines audiophilia and cinephilia." — Jean-Pierre Labro

Anthem MRX 720

February 23, 2017

PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2017 "If you are in the market for a new surround receiver that is not that expensive, but sounds like it is comprised of better separates, this is your receiver. As stated early in the review we are bestowing an Everything Audio Network Stellar Sound Award and a nomination for a 2017 EAN Product of The Year in the receiver category. I know it is early in the year, but the MRX-720 is a note-worthy, high-performance receiver." — John Gatski

Anthem AVM 60

December 11, 2016

PRODUCT of the YEAR 2016 "Simply put, the AVM 60 is a sweet-sounding sonic powerhouse. Two-channel, multi-channel, or immersive audio are handled with all the finesse, detail..." — Theo Nicolakis

Anthem MRX 720

October 31, 2016

REVIEWERS CHOICE "When I was offered Anthem’s MRX 720 for review, I mostly looked forward to using it to listen to Dolby Atmos soundtracks at home. And although I really enjoyed my experience of this surround format, by the end of my listening to the Anthem it seemed mere icing on the cake." — Vince Hanada

Anthem MRX 1120

October 18, 2016

BEST of 2016 AWARDS "To put not too fine a point on it, the Anthem MRX 1120 is the best home theater receiver that I have had the pleasure of ever using. It looks deceptively simple on the outside and while it might not have every last bell and whistle that some of its competitors do, the features it does have are the ones that matter and are well thought out. It’s defining characteristic though is its sound quality and the MRX 1120 is truly top shelf in this regard." — Carlo Lo Raso

Anthem MRX 1120

October 26, 2016

Sound & Vision TOP PICK "...the MRX 1120, through countless hours of music listening and movie watching, provided the escape I was looking for without introducing any of the fatigue I’ve experienced with lesser products. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better-sounding solution short of going with separates. Highly recommended.” — David Vaughn

Home Theater Review BEST of 2016 AWARD "I only hesitate to call the MRX 1120’s stereo performance “perfect” out of fear that Anthem will top it with its inevitable fourth-generation MRX lineup and I’ll have to eat my words." — Dennis Burger

"There's no tougher test of a speaker's ability to untangle a complex bottom end than a track like this, and the ESL 15As presented a wonderfully clear picture of each and every part of it."

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