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Anmelderne syntes godt om Classic ESL 9

Anmelderne syntes godt om Martin Logan Classic ESL 9

Martin Logan Classic ESL 9


"These were some of the most transparent speakers I’ve heard, so much so that I often forgot I was reviewing a pair of speakers and found myself utterly enveloped in sound." – Myron Ho, August 2019

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"The Classic ESL 9s are arguably the best loudspeaker I have ever heard..." – Noel Keywood, Oktober 2017

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"The midrange was ultraclear, revealing details in recordings that I’d never heard before, and the highs were equally clean, and never harsh. The bass was also very deep and fast-hitting, without bloat." – Roger Kanno, April 2017

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“This musical epic proposes a few layers of keyboards, including the famous Mellotron which through the ESL 9 has no difficulty in installing a non-removable seat. The walls seem so far away that I completely forget the characteristics of the room in which I find myself. An irrefutable proof of the immersive effect which these MartinLogan provide me, is the fact that I constantly forget that I am doing an evaluative product review, thus rendering note taking a secondary action." – Benoit Varin, April 2017

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"In the price range inhabited by the main MartinLogan product line - up to about $25,000 per pair - there are competing speakers of all types, shapes, configurations, and technologies. Some can claim serious bragging rights in certain categories, but I know of none that manage to put the spark in speakers like a good electrostatic, and no company that understands electrostatics and the listeners who love them better than MartinLogan. The Classic ESL 9 is a mighty addition to that line, and warrants a serious listen by the serious listener in you." – Wayne Myers, Februar 2017

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