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Herunder kan du danne dig et godt billede af Triangle. Læs hvad anmelderne mener om Triangles produkter og søge inspiration til at vælge det netop det produkt, der vil give dig allermest glæde. 


Triangle Borea BR08
Topkarakter hos What Hi-FI?

1 februar, 2021
"In overall terms, these Triangles are exceptional, and certainly good enough to challenge the very best at this price"


Triangle Borea BR03
Flot test af Audio Arkitekts 


31 maj, 2021

"they swing way above their price point making them someone's ideal 1st bookshelf speaker during their entry into the world of hifi"

product of the year borea br03.jpg

Triangle Borea BR03
Product Of The Year! 
Hi-Fi Trends

5 januar, 2020

"I‌ think the BR03's are the new kings around $500. Their design, clarity, and range are head and shoulders above anything in their price range."


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