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Martin Logan subwoofere

Anmelderne er vilde med Martin Logans subwoofere - og det er vi ret stolte over hos Interceptor Audio, så derfor vil vi gerne dele en række af omtalerne med dig...


Martin Logan Dynamo 1600X

"The response I heard in the low bass was fuller than I was expecting and right up there with subwoofers that cost many times more than the Dynamo 1600X. This sub could produce these high levels over sustained periods and never even break a sweat. I mean there really were times I thought the bass would break something in the room but it just kept on keeping on."

Jim Clements, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity (April 2019)


Martin Logan Dynamo 1100X

"When space is at a premium, but you refuse to cut corners when it comes to audio fidelity, a system comprised of MartinLogan’s Motion 4i, 8i and Dynamo 800X is a solution that I enthusiastically recommend."

Mark Henninger, AVS Forum (Februar 2019)


Martin Logan Dynamo 1100X

"If subwoofers are the foundation of any system, you’d do well to set the Dynamo 1100X as the cornerstone of yours. Highly and enthusiastically recommended."

The Nicolakis, The Poor Audiophile


Martin Logan Dynamo 800X

"MartinLogan’s Dynamo 800X is the first subwoofer I’ve reviewed that combines digital control, signal connection, and room correction—all three wirelessly—in a small, powerful package. I heard no difference between the wireless and wired connections, and once I’d found good positions for the Dynamos, set their output level correctly, and identified their optimal crossover frequencies, their sound seamlessly blended with that of my Quad electrostatics, deepening the ESL-989s’ soundstages and deep-bass extension and expanding their dynamic range, and enhancing their three-dimensionality, all at a price far below that of larger subwoofers I’ve reviewed."

Larry Greenhill, Stereophile (Februar 2019)


Martin Logan Dynamo 1600X

"The Martin Logan Dynamo 1600X is the kind of subwoofer that can make even cynics like me consider the virtues of a sub in a stereo context. So poised, so seamlessly integrated is its contribution in a stereo role that it’s hard not to acknowledge the sonic benefits. The 1600X has the bass talent, the energy and the finesse to augment rather than interfere, while the combination of the ARC and the Martin Logan Sub Control apps allows exceptional integration and convenient control, regardless of room and system variances. "

Deon Schoeman, Audio Video (Januar 2019)


Martin Logan Dynamo 1100X

"When doing initial research for this review, I was surprised to learn that subwoofers have become MartinLogan’s best- selling product. I’ve always thought of MartinLogan as the electrostatic speaker company, but with a subwoofer as great-sounding and flexible as the Dynamo 1100X, it’s no wonder that subs have become a key part of their business. This latest generation of Dynamos will surely consolidate that success, and with the company’s app-based remote control and Anthem Room Correction, you won’t need a youngest-child helper to turn the knobs."

Michael Trei, Sound & Vision (December 2018)


Martin Logan Dynamo 1600X & 600X

"This generation of Dynamo subwoofers is clearly a major leap over the previous generation in every respect; I know it will be years until the next generation, but I am already eagerly looking forward to where MartinLogan goes from here based on the terrific work that they have done on these subwoofers."

James Larson, Audioholics (November 2018)


Martin Logan Dynamo 800X

"Paired up with some nice speakers like the MartinLogan Motion 4i bookshelf/satellites I used in this system this sub shows how far technology—especially amplification and DSP—has come in terms of making such a small yet capable performer possible. Within the specific parameters where someone would find a compact subwoofer like this appealing, thanks to its features and overall performance, the MartinLogan Dynamo 800X is a Top Choice for 2018."

Mark Henninger, AVS Forum (Oktober 2018)


Martin Logan Dynamo 600X

"I tweaked the controls available on the back panel of the sub and got what I thought were the best sounding settings and listened to some music and then watched a few scenes from a handful of movies. Pretty good, I thought. Then I ran the ARC app and it got better ... much better.”

Scott Schumer, Home Theater Review (December 2018)


Martin Logan Dynamo 800X

"The MartinLogan Dynamo 800X is ideal to pair with some bookshelf speakers and complete a music system. With integrated Anthem Room Correction, you get a flat bass response in your room without much work, and the transition from the sub to the speakers is virtually invisible. If you need deeper bass, MartinLogan offers the dynamo in larger sizes as well."

Chris Heinonen, Reference Home Theater (Oktober 2018)


Martin Logan Dynamo 800X

"Listening to the Casiopea Perfect Live II LaserDisc, it's clear to me that the sub is extremely tight. When a drum is whacked, this sound is accurately reproduced with the same tightness. Bass guitars are accurately reproduced. You can hear the distinction when the bassist goes between open and closed notes as well as how tight he is gripping the strings. The bass drum kicks in Conjunction and Tetsuo Sakurai's bass guitar slaps are so impressive. Now that is accurate!​"

David Susilo, Wifi Hifi (August 2018)


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